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By June 25, 2019 Writing Samples

This blog post was part of a series I wrote to promote Northbranch Media’s services.

Your Webinar Practices May Need Updating

The role webinars play in marketing is changing, and that may mean it’s time to update your webinar strategy and practices.

Webinars are traditionally used as a lead generation tool. But as buyers are increasingly self-educating, they are relying more heavily on webinars for information.

An indicator of this is the average viewing time of a webinar. The length of time an attendee stayed on a webinar increased from an average of 38 minutes in 2010 to 56 minutes in 2013, according to the ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report, an annual study of more than 7,000 webinars.

The takeaway is that webinars should be used during the entire buying process. For example, clients can be invited to be webinar guest speakers, sharing information on how they solved problems. Not only does this keep prospects interested, it demonstrates your company’s solutions.

Other takeaways from the benchmarking report:

  • A longer promotion cycle increases webinar registration. Sending out webinar invites between one and three weeks ahead of an event generates more than 40 percent of registrations.
  • Send a day-of invite. Almost one-third of registrations occur day-of, so sending a webinar invite the morning of the event is critical.
  • Continue to promote afterwards. About 20 percent of total registrations occur post-live, as people view the webinar recording. It is important to have a strategy to promote the on-demand webinar and to capture lead information from those views.

If the content is valuable and engaging, people are willing to invest their time in webinars. This also indicates that marketers need to create more webinars to deliver content throughout the sales funnel, not just at the top.