3E Thermal Email Newsletter

By June 25, 2019 Writing Samples

Using MailChimp, I wrote this email newsletter to reach the client’s target audience of apartment building owners and construction contractors.

Low-Cost Financing Available for Energy Efficiency Projects

For-profit apartment building owners who want to make their properties more energy efficient now have access to low-cost financing through several programs. These include the Business Energy Loan Program offered by Efficiency Vermont and VSECU, and the USDA’s Rural Energy for America program. 3E Thermal has summarized the different programs on our website and in a new brochure. The web page also includes a video with Mark Kelley of Efficiency Vermont explaining several important concepts about investing in energy efficiency to reduce operating costs and improve cash flow. For more information and to watch the video, visit http://3ethermal.org/financing/

Richmond Retrofit Eliminates Roof Ice and Cuts Energy Use By 30%

A year after the completion of an energy efficiency retrofit designed and funded in part by 3E Thermal, the Richmond Terrace senior housing project in Richmond is reporting significant energy savings. For the first nine months of 2015, the 16-unit building used almost 30% less energy compared to the same months in 2014 before the retrofit was completed. During that period, there was a 34% reduction in costs for electricity and heating fuel.

The retrofit involved replacing an oil-fired heating system that burned 4,800 gallons a year with air source heat pumps. A propane-fired boiler now serves as a backup. Air sealing and adding insulation to both attic and walls greatly reduced heat loss and eliminated a chronic problem with roof ice. A solar panel array was added to generate electricity. The heat pumps “have been performing very well,” says Katie Forleo, project manager at Cathedral Square, which owns the building. The building’s residents “have been very happy with it.”

Go on a Video Tour of the Darling Inn Renovation

A $5.5 million apartment building renovation with many energy efficiency upgrades is now substantially complete in Lyndonville. The 28-unit Darling Inn building is owned by RuralEdge, a regional non-profit housing organization. Built in 1928 as a hotel, the Darling Inn now is home to elderly and disabled tenants, and also serves as a senior meals site. RuralEdge worked with 3E Thermal to improve the building’s energy efficiency and eliminate roof ice caused by heat loss. In a short video on the 3E Thermal website, Project Services Manager Fritz Fay provides a guided tour of the renovation project and explains the various energy efficiency upgrades, including new wood pellet boilers and a heat recovery ventilation system. To watch the video, click the image below or go to http://3ethermal.org/projects/

19 Units Upgraded on Barre Street in Montpelier

Two buildings with 19 affordable, energy-efficient apartments have reopened on Barre Street in Montpelier after an extensive renovation project designed and funded in part by 3E Thermal. The renovations included adding high efficiency boilers; water-conserving fixtures; Energy Star appliances; energy-efficient lighting; new windows; and air sealing and insulation in the basement, walls, and attic. Building owner Downstreet Housing & Community Development, architect Joel Page of Scott + Partners, and general contractor DEW Construction, collaborated with 3E Thermal on the design and installation of thermal upgrades. 3E Thermal’s standard suite of services included regular site visits to inspect installation and provide feedback to contractors.

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